Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Configure Usage Reporting in Sharepoint 2007


Follow the below steps to activate sharepoint usage logging and see the analysed reports(statistics) based on the logs..

Enable Usage Logging

The first and foremost thing for using usage logs is to enable them at farm level that is hosting
the webapplication
  • On the Central Administration home page, click Operations.
  • On the Operations page, in the Logging and Reporting section, click Usage analysis processing.
  • On the Usage Analysis Processing page, in the Logging Settings section, select Enable logging.
  • Type a log file location and number of log files to create.(usually sharepoint logs location)
  • In the Processing Settings section, select Enable usage analysis processing, and then select a time to run usage processing.
  • Click OK.

Now reporting should be enabled so that sharepoint can use these logs and generate more advanced stats.

Enable Usage Reporting
Now advanced usage analysis has to enabled by SSP admin under the SSP site thats mapped to the web application where usage reports are needed.
  • On the SSP home page, in the Office SharePoint Usage Reporting section, click Usage reporting.
  • On the Configure Advanced Usage Analysis Processing page, in the Processing Settings section, click Enable advanced usage analysis processing.
  • In the Search Query Logging section, select Enable search query logging.
  • Click OK.
Search Query Logging should be enabled when reports are needed on search like best bets,top queries, etc.

To see the graphic stats for a site based on the usage logs then feature "Office Sharepoint Standard Sites" has to be activated.

Click on SiteUsageReports under SiteSettings for a site to see the graphic reports for the specific site.

Note:The analysis processing is run through a timer job which runs once for a day.So if all the activations done then for the reports to get generated one day has to awaited.



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