Wednesday, June 23, 2010

MOSS Standard DevelopmentTools


Standard Development Tools for Sharepoint


Explore and analyze compiled .NET assemblies, viewing
them in C#, Visual Basic, and IL


free Visual Studio extension that automatically
generates XML documentation comments for methods and properties based on
their type, parameters, name, and other contextual information


Command line utility that simulates a
smtp server.

CAML Query Builder

will help in build, test
and execute CAML Queries


is a free static code analysis tool
from Microsoft that checks .NET managed
code assemblies for conformance to Microsoft's .NET Framework
Design Guidelines


help you to check your assemblies that use the SharePoint API so that
you can build better code. It provides assistance in correctly disposing of
certain SharePoint objects to help you follow published best practice. This
tool may not show all memory leaks in your code

Resource Refactor               

easy way to extract hard coded strings from the code
to resource files


allows real time diagnostics of multiple servers in a sharepoint farm using a single console view

WSS/MOSS Log file reader

View, search and filter SharePoint ULS log files
directly from within Central Administration

AD Explorer

use AD Explorer to easily navigate an AD database

XML NotePad

provides a simple intuitive user interface for
browsing and editing XML documents


Graphical file comparison tool similar to Beyond

SharePoint Data Population Tool

a capacity planning and performance testing tool that populates
data for testing SharePoint deployments.


provides solution-wide error highlighting
on the fly, instant solutions for found errors, over 30 advanced
code refactorings, superior unit testing tools,
handy navigation and search features, single-click code formatting and
cleanup, automatic code generation and templates,

Snippet Compiler

Sandcastle help File builder

used for creating MSDN-style documentation from .NET assemblies
and their associated XML comments files.


Documentation compiler for managed assemblies


is a set of best practices, templates, Web Parts,
tools, and source code


 to inspect allHTTP(S) traffic,
set breakpoints, and "fiddle" with incoming or outgoing data


Process monitor tool


Make SharePoint web config
modifications using a config file, rather than
having to hard-code static strings in a class file

MOSS Feature Generator

includes Site Columns, Content Types and ListTemplates (including schema.xml
and forms)

allows a developer to explore the scopes and managed properties of a
given SharePoint Search SSP. Also builds queries in either Keyword or SQL
Syntax, submit those queries and examine the raw web service results


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