Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ways To Migrate SharePoint Metadata Term Store


How to migrate metadata term store in sharepoint 2010?
the next moment i try to get a solution for the above problem i get more questions raised....

is it gonna be on the same farm or different?
will migration maintain the consistency in GUID of termstores/terms?

so lets look what sharepoint 2010 got for us in this relevant.

TaxonomyClientService - This service exposes the methods that can help in migrating the
metdata at group level, on top of it, doesnt accept GUID as parameter.
seems like this is built more of the different purpose than it come in use for developers.

TaxonmySession looks promising in migrating termstores from one sitecollection to other sitecollection(on different webapps) like shown here. But got limitation when migration comes to different farms.

There is no OOB webservice that can get us the SPSite object that can be used in the above code.
So the only possibility i see is to get the termstore info to a defined xml and make this as a base and recreate terms on the other farms. I'm sure same thing can be achieved using powershell as well.
Did you just find a better way of doing this?? then please let me know.


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