Sunday, April 8, 2012

SharePoint 2010 certification Topics


The other day i had cleared the Microsoft SharePoint Application Development 2010 (070-673) exam like a practice test. Never expected it to be so intermediate level exam. I have listed down some of the topics that were covered in the exam for some guidance

  • connected webparts(IWebpartfield/Row/Table)
  • SP.js
  • commonModalDialogPopup
  • client object model
  • sandbox solution(writing to logs, using spsite/spweb objects)
  • workflow-task related
  • Events(ListItem/Field)
  • SPwebProvisionProvider
  • Adding fields to existing content type using elements file
  • VS2010 - predeployment, active configuration
  • SiteDefinitions
  • Strongly typed objects(spmetal)
I'll keep this post updated timely as in when i recollect any more topics

If you have worked on atleast 2 different projects on sharepoint 2010, its far enough to clear the exam but if you need 1000 marks then you need to get some practice.


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