Saturday, January 19, 2013

Set width of div part of iframe


How to set the width(in percentage) of the element that is part of iframe?
my first attempt :
Above script did not work as the script gets triggered immediately after document
loads but before iframe renders
So i tried the below, which did not work for me(in IE 8)
finally i could run the script on load of iframe with below code
though it failed to set the width property as it was not able to find the div

To access the contents of the iframe use
Geat!! it could get the div element but could not set the css property as i
was trying to override the css property that already has important tag set
So, how do i set my css property as important through jquery?
Here you go...
$("iframe").load(function () {
        $("iframe").contents().find("#divid").attr("style", "width:50%!important");

voila!!So much learnt today :)


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