Thursday, June 12, 2014

List shared with me in SkyDrive


Skydrive does seems to have a feature, shared with me that will allow users to see all the documents shared only with them. This is available only in office365/cloud version of sharepoint and is not with Sharepoint on-premise.

When digging into on-premise mysite features, found a page,sharedwithme.aspx under personal/ADid/documents/forms. Here, documents is nothing but a special library used for skydrive for the user. This library will have all the documents added by you and shared with you or by others. Sharedwithme.aspx(acting like a view) will show the documents shared with current user. Looking at the view, with missing values for the columns(shared by/modified) and column header mismatch with actual datatable its easy to say that this feature is not completely functional. I'm not sure if this is ever meant to be found or working. Also, there is no OOTB way to have the left navigation link for sharedwithme view. Though, this can be added using jquery but a lot of work(not sure how far feasible) need to be done to the OOTB sharedwithme webpart used on this view. So, i changed the strategy and built it using content search webpart.Below is the search query i used to configure content search webpart to fetch all shared items with current user.

IsMyDocuments:1 IsDocument -Author:{User.Name} -SharedWithInternal:"NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users"

IsMyDocuments is used to identify all documents from skydrive(mydocuments). Above query will filter out all the documents authored by current user and show only shared with him/her.

Few weeks after this implementation, MS has released OneDrive for business. I did'nt get a chance to review its features but worth to look at it before doing this.


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